Research, Refine & Import Property Data

Within One Easy-to-Use Solution
AppraiserSuite Offers One Source For:
• Public Record Data
• MLS Data*
• User Contributed Calculations
• Maps, Comparables, Transaction History & More
And… AppraiserSuite data can be easily imported into leading URAR form population tools!

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  • Integrated MLS*

    Search MLS Listings* and Public Record Data at One time

  • Forms Software Import

    Quickly Import Data to Appraisal Forms with Leading Form Tools

  • Reduce Research Time

    Data Reconciliation Tool Compares MLS and Public Record Data

  • Market Conditions

    Automatically Obtain the Information To Complete a Market Analysis

Increase Your Productivity

AppraiserSuite from CoreLogic is a property research and valuation tool designed specifically for an appraiser’s workflow. AppraiserSuite returns public record data that you can interact with and allows you to input your own calculations – all in one valuation-focused workspace. Plus, with MLS data available in many major markets, you’ll have access to real time listing data as well!

AppraiserSuite data can also be populated into URAR forms using leading form population tools, eliminating much of the manual entry that is required when completing an appraisal.

Appraisal Management Companies

One Suite for
• Verifying Property Information
• Valuation Process
• Industry Leading AVMs


One Suite for
• Public Record & MLS* Data
• Market Conditions Data
• Comparables, Maps, Transaction
   History & More
• Quick Form Tool Import

Your Data and Work Processes United

Features for Appraisers & AMCs
    • Nationwide Public Record Search & Mapping
    • MLS Search & Data
    • Transaction History
    • Market Trends & Conditions

*MLS data where available through AppraiserSuite    

The AppraiserSuite Advantage

AppraiserSuite is much more than just another data source. It allows users to search multiple sources at once, interact with property data and easily generate a MISMO XML file that imports to industry leading appraisal form tools.